ZJBeny is one of the leading manufacturers of DC products only for PV, such as DC combiner, DC solar isolators, DC circuit breaker, DC surge protection device, DC fuse and DC connectors etc. With more than 25 years experience in traditional electrical, ZJBeny now provides powerful support for the renewable business. As they strive to provide high-quality products, they have obtained TUV/CE/ROHS/SAA/ISO9001:2008 certification and with VDE certification is undergoing. 

Single Phase Electrical Kit

  • DC Isolator 1000V/1200V x4
  • Isolator cover (new version) x2
  • MC4 (Compatible) x4 pairs
  • 25A AC circuit breaker 1 pole x1
  • Label Kit x1

Three Phase Electrical Kit

  • DC Isolator 1000V/1200V x4
  • Isolator cover (new version) x2
  • MC4 (Compatible) x4 pairs
  • 25A AC circuit breaker 3 pole x1
  • Label Kit x1

ZJBeny EV Charger BCP Series

  • IP65 patented design case for outdoor & indoor use
  • The type 2 (IEC 62196-2) charging connector / socket connector
  • RFID card ON/OFF function
  • Output current: 6A ~ 32A
  • Optional WIFI & mobile APP controlling function
  • Optional DLB Dynamic Load Balance monitor module

DC Isolator

  • DC Isolator 1000V/1200V
  • IP66, UV Resistance
  • Arcing Time <3ms
  • Earth Terminal

Aluminium Alloy Protection Cover for DC Isolator Switch

  • Easier to install DC Isolator Switch in complex environments 
  • Prevent DC Isolator Switch from high temperature sun exposure
  • Give DC Isolator Switch longer working life
  • Protect DC Isolator Switch from impact



BYA-63 Series Weatherproof AC Isolation Switch

  • 1 Pole/3 Pole 63A weatherproof isolation switch 
  • Suitable for virtually any external application
  • Provide easier wiring and more wiring room
  • Application to motor isolator safely switches, motor disconnectors, air conditioning isolators and AC isolator for PV inverters.

BDM Series PV DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 

  • 2 Pole 125A/250A DC Breaker 
  • Used in large power system
  • Applied for solar DC combiner box, inverter and DC power distribution cabinet
  • Rated voltage up to 500V DC, current up to 250A
  • Function of overload protection and short-circuit protection

BUD-40/2 PV DC Surge Protection Device 

  • Designed and manufactured, complying the PV standard EN50539-11
  • Widely use in PV DC combiner box, inverter, controller and PV DC cabinet
  • Rated voltage 600V DC, Maximum discharge current 40KA
  • High Energy Varistor, high effective for lightning protection