Wonderful Networking Night with LONGi and Sungrow


Raystech Group has recently hosted a Networking Night across three cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We were so glad to see lots of people showed up on these three occasions. 


A big thank you to our two major sponsors of these events, LONGi and Sungrow, who provide informative sessions and a valuable experience to mingle with all of our guests. 

We have our guest speakers, Brett Robinson and Albert Smart from LONGi Solar, Safat, Scott Su and Graham Smith from Sungrow joined us on the nights. LONGi representatives have outlined the features of their best-selling Hi-MO 5m 54 cell module- LR5-54HPH-415M. The Hi-MO 5m’s 182mm half-cut cells have proven to be optimal for all manufacturing processes, from ingots and wafers to cells and modules. They are also optimal for module deployment processes, transportation, installation, and overall system integration. 

Sungrow representatives have introduced their residential hybrid solutions SH5.0RS with SBR Series Energy Storage. Sungrow’s residential solutions are developed to meet the current demand of energy consumption with a stable, economical and clean power supply. With the customised batteries with the new hybrid inverters, homeowners are able to enjoy 24/7 clean power and save bills at night with the industry-leading backup function.