Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Seraphim


With all the solar panel manufacturers out there, most of us might get confused and feel lost on choosing which solar panel brand has the highest performance and lasting reliability in the field. This is why we decided to gather the top 10 reasons why you should choose Seraphim Solar as your solar product brand. So sit back and relax because you no longer need to shop around for solar panels after reading this article.


Seraphim is one of the Tier 1 Module Manufacturers

Seraphim has been always listed among the best in the Bloomberg tiering system, a transparent and up-to-date database on solar module manufacturers that differentiates manufacturers based on quality and bankability. Among all of the solar brands, only the smallest percentage of solar panel manufacturers could ever achieve this classification, which reflects the trust in the quality of Seraphim’s products.

4GW Solar Module Production Capacity

As an innovation-driven enterprise focused on the development of high-performance modules, Seraphim boasts a global production capacity of 4GW. Leads by the strong R&D team, Seraphim produces PV module products with both high quality and cost-effectiveness. So far, there are over 6GW of Seraphim modules installed in over 40 countries.


9-Years Manufacturing Experience

Seraphim started in the solar business with 200MW of capacity in 2011. With a full array of exciting solar energy technologies, they built a world-class R&D center in 2013. Seraphim’s laboratory has now been accredited by CNAS and meets the ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation requirements and also obtained TUV SUD TMP, CTF Lab, CSA WMTC qualification and CTC authorized lab qualification. This allows Seraphim to shorten the certification period and accelerate the speed of new product releases.


Top Performer By DNV GL

DNV GL is the independent expert in risk management and quality assurance who used their knowledge to advance safety and performance as well as set industry benchmarks. Seraphim passed the strictest accelerated stress testing and characterization under DNV GL PVEL, LLC’s (DNV GL) Product Qualification Program (PQP). The PQP is a comprehensive evaluation of environmental sensitivities and degradation mechanisms of PV module designs.


50+ Global Financial Partner

Seraphim delivers bankable PV products at low LCOE in the world’s most diverse regions. Due to the stable development of Seraphim in these years, their high-quality products have passed inspection by Insurance companies such as Solarbuyer, D&B, ICIM, Kiwa, and Powerguard. This shows that Seraphim is able to maintain high product quality and the trust of financial partners throughout the world.

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