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Things to consider when looking for the right solar distributor


With the booming demand of solar energy across nations, experts have forecasted that the cost of solar installation will get lower in the upcoming years. Along with the funding schemes from the federal and state government, getting a rooftop solar has become a smart and affordable choice for the Australian families. As the demand increases tremendously, solar retailers are more concerned about the quality of solar brands from their suppliers in order to gain competitive advantage. Therefore, searching a reliable solar distributor would be a good option in order to set your business apart from other retailers with providing high-quality solar products. Read along to see how to look for the right solar distributor for your solar company.

High-Quality Products from Premium Brands

To sell high-quality products to the public, the first step is to know how to assess the quality of your product. There are several important criteria upon which to evaluate solar panel and PV (photovoltaic) cell technology: efficiency, reliability and durability. Solar panel efficiency meaning the conversion rate from light to electricity. The more efficient the solar panel is, the more money it can save your customers over time. Solar panel reliability shows how long the systems last in a normal condition, while on the other hand, solar panel durability means how the systems stand in extreme weather conditions, as well as factors that caused wear and tear. Many solar manufacturers obtain rigorous industry certifications to show the quality of their products, but in fact, you should look for evidence that a manufacturer’s products perform consistently in other aspects. For instance, Seraphim gained a good reputation from users over time and maintained as the top Tier-1 solar manufacturer with their innovative solar technology.

Product and Performance Warranties

Another major consideration is the product warranty. It is common for solar technology to suffer from performance loss over time. Therefore, warranties are important to see how confident the manufacturers stand for the products. Some high-quality solar products may cost more up-front, but it will be a better-off in a long term perspective. Seraphim products provide 10 years product warranty plus additional 5 years warranty for customers who ordered Seraphim products from us. Other than product warranty, Seraphim also provides 25 years Limited Peak Power Warranty to guarantee the performance of their products within the useful life cycle.

Best Customer Experience

When solar first emerged as an energy source in the Australia market, solar distributors were only acting as a middle-man between buyer and manufacturer who own big warehouses and handle the job-by-job logistics. After years, distributors have expanded their roles into a strategic solutions provider to their customers in the aspects of business support and engineering design services. To act as a good distributor, we always source products with long-term stability and are able to create the most value for our customers. Besides that, we make sure that we are able to increase their value proposition against their competitors including engineering design support, providing high-quality marketing materials, lead generation and ease of use of products. We operate our own warehouse across different regions, which provides convenience to our customers for ordering and pick-ups. From solar panels to cable glands, our product range almost covers everything you’ll need for a solar system. We also focus on delivering high-quality customer service by ensuring our products deliver on time and provide the best solar solutions to our customers.

About Raystech

We are a fully Australian-owned solar distributor who aimed to provide the best-valued solar products and deliver excellent service to our customers. For our products, we thoroughly check the quality of our goods, working only with reliable suppliers such as Seraphim, Gsun, Growatt, Sofar etc. to ensure our customers only receive the best quality products. To know more about us, call us on 1300 799 988 or email us at


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