Solar Inverter

Solplanet is a brand of AISWEI, who has been manufacturing inverters since 2007. AISWEI, also formerly known as SMA’s Chinese subsidiary, has successfully been manufacturing high quality and reliable products for renowned brands like SMA and Zeversolar. Solplanet photovoltaic inverters are manufactured in compliance with international high-quality standards. Solplanet strives to make their products and applications quicker and easier to install, offering reliable long-lasting performance, and making them user-friendly for the best customer experience. 

Sofar PV Grid-tied Single-Phase Single MPPT Inverter

  • Single-phase inverter
  • Dual MPPT, integrated 150% range DC/AC switch
  • Small and lightweight inverter, and very quick to install
  • Built-in DC Isolator 
  • Sunclix connections and simply plug and play
  • Fast WiFi connection by way of QR Code connection
  • IP65 with the minimum self-consumption at night of less than 1W

Video Resources:

Solplanet Inverters – German Engineering

Blindfolded Solplanet inverter installation by Glen Morris

Solplanet single phase inverter installation video