Huawei Retail Partner Program is now open for all solar retailers who provide residential and/or C&I solution to end customers.

About Huawei: Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. By integrating AI and Cloud, Huawei further incorporates many latest ICT technologies with PV for optimal power generation.

Program Benefits

Registered Partner

✔ Access to kickstart incentive from distributors
✔ Receive product training support from Huawei
✔ Invited to Huawei offline events
✔ Participate in Huawei exclusive retailer campaigns

Elite Partner

✔ All Registered Partners’ benefits
✔ Receive $1,500 marketing sponsorship
✔ Receive sales leads from Huawei

Premium Elite Partner

✔ All Elite Partners’ benefits
✔ Receive $3,000 marketing sponsorship
✔ Case study opportunity
✔ Quarterly Incentive Campaign
✔ Factory Tour opportunity at China Shenzhen

* All partners will receive a welcome pack and a Huawei Registered Partner shirt after registered.

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Huawei Inverters Range

Huawei SUN2000-2-6KTL-L1

  • Single Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Active Protection against current arcs
  • Compatible to SUN2000-450W-P optimizer
  • Battery ready by direct Plug & Play, no extra device or any retrofit required
  • A 5KTL inverter allows 5KW full power AC output plus 5KW full power battery charge
  • High efficiency inverter topology, max. efficiency 98.4%

Huawei SUN2000-2-6KTL-M1

  • AI powered, Active Arcing Protection
  • Up to 30% More Energy with Full Optimizer
  • WLAN, Fast Ethernet, 4G Communication Supported
  • Max. DC Voltage: 1100V
  • Max. AC apparent power: 5,500VA
  • Max. efficiency 98.4%, EU Efficiency 97.5%


Huawei Luna Battery LUNA2000-5-S0

  • Modular Design allows for flexible investment
  • Safe & Reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Cell
  • More usable energy with 100% Depth of Discharge
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect compatibility with both single and three phase inverters

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