Here Comes the New Residential Huawei String Inverter Lite!


Looking for an ECONOMICAL inverter without compromising the QUALITY? 


Huawei String L0 Lite Inverter is the string inverter you’ve been looking for!


This string inverter model range is the Lite version of the Huawei Hybrid L1 model.

You’ll be getting the same safety features and quality with the hybrid model, but at a EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE price!


-HIGH Max. Effciency (up to 98.4%)

-COMPACT Product Design (Fully Sealed Design with IP65, Only 12kg)

-EXCELLENT Warranty Terms (10 Years Warranty)


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Getting a Hybrid Inverter?


The Huawei L1 model can be your first choice! 


The Huawei SUN2000-L1 inverters are Hybrid inverters with inbuilt BMS ready to Plug n Play with the Huawei LUNA battery to optimise the self consumption and optional backup box for emergency power supply.  It also won two “Oscar Awards” for its design, an iF Design Award & a reddot Award.

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Here’s a quick snapshot of the difference